• Meet the locals: magical Madagascar's lemurs

    We’re big fans of the world’s fourth largest island, and our 12-day Magic of Madagascar gets among the best this fabulous place has to offer. Madagascar offers a wildlife experience different to anywhere else in Africa – or the world for that matter. Geographic isolation have allowed animals to go their own way here, turning watching wildlife into a bewitching experience of being up-close with the curious and captivating.

  • A guide to photographing wildlife in Africa

    If it moves on the great plains of Africa, chances are our resident photography expert Peter Lemon has snapped it. There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to composing the perfect animal portrait – here are some of his thoughts on what makes a great wildlife photograph, and a few tips on how you can take one.  


  • Island paradises

  • Classic Kilimanjaro or the stark beauty of The Simien Mountains?

    Africa offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world – an attribute which creates a great platform for exploration on foot. For those who love a rewarding challenge, Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro is a spectacular climb.

  • Two classic Ethiopian recipes

    Image: Tina Asher


  • Pole-pole! How to conquer Kilimanjaro

    More than 20,000 people every year attempt to climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain – and fewer than half succeed. Our trekking expert Lou Day gives us a step-by-step guide to get you to the roof of Africa.

  • Kick-start 2011: the best cities in the world for coffee

    Wipe the sleep from the eyes, shrug off post-festivities sluggishness and kick-start 2011 with a shot or two of black lightning: here’s a few of our favourite places for picking uppa cuppa something good.

    Vienna, Austria

  • A dozen films to give you wanderlust, part one

    Films that are both inspiring journeys and inspire others to journey – the entries on this ‘The Beach’ -free zone all share the power to have you swiftly salivating at the scenery and adding a whole raft of new destinations to your ‘must visit’ list. In a blatant Harry Potter-style bid to spin out a good thing, we’ve split the list into two sections – the sequel will be released next week. Grab some popcorn, indulge, then let us know which flicks we missed.

  • The world’s best walking cities?

    More often than not, getting to grips with what makes a city tick is best done on foot. Whether it’s a museum ramble, exploration of cobblestoned old quarters, or idle paseo-style post-prandial perambulations, a walk is the best way of measuring up how a place exists on a human scale, how its inhabitants go about their daily lives, and of feeling the rhythm of the streets. Here are some of our favourite cities for a stroll. Head to our facebook page to chip in with others...

  • Pack the kids! Unbeatable family adventures

    Our new family brochure is out, so in a leap of incredible imagination, we thought we’d run through five of our favourite moments from our adventures for the whole tribe.

    Meet the king of the swingers in Borneo

  • Sara Reeves and West Africa

    Sara Reeves has an extremely enviable job – Gecko’s Destination Manager for Africa. Sara is in charge of putting together all our Africa itineraries; this naturally involves lots of trips to Africa…all in the name of research.

    We had a chat to Sara about her recent travels to West Africa and this is what she had to say:

  • The Magnificent Seven: the world's greatest treks

    Whether you’re exploring unsullied wildernesses, getting among beautiful landscapes or spending time with remote communities, trekking unlocks destinations in a unique way, making walkers truly a part of a place, and helping give a rich appreciation of both local cultures and scenery.

    Peregrine started in Nepal, and we started on foot. Three decades on, our trekking trips explore some of the world’s great wild places. We asked our trekking expert Lou Day to give us a run through some of her top trips on foot.

  • The Big, Beautiful Wildlife of Botswana

    Peregrine's Classic Botswana is a short trip capturing the spectacular wildlife and pristine wilderness of northern Botswana. From Victoria Falls, venture into a land renowned for its bounty of big game, no more prevalent than in the lush wilds of the Okavango Delta.

  • Africa in Style: New Purpose-built Wildlife Viewing Safari Vehicles

  • A private family experience: Egypt and East Africa

    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.

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