• Adelie Penguins, South Georgia - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Adelie Penguins, South Georgia, by David Sinclair

    Trip of the week: Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands & South Georgia

  • Offbeat accommodation

    If you’re heading to the Yunnan province in China, a stay at one of Lijiang’s traditional Naxi houses is a good bet for old-world atmosphere – your front door opens out onto the narrow lanes, wending canals and flickering red lanterns of the old town. Immediately you feel part of the place, immersed rather than just passing through. We love our traditional, sometimes offbeat accommodation at Peregrine, and we think they add so much to any holiday. Here are a few of our favourites – we’d love to know yours.

  • The ultimate Antarctic wildlife adventure

    The ultimate Antarctic Adventure

    We offer many Antarctic adventures, but for the trip of lifetime, the most varied and complete cruise of the seventh continent’s incredible sights, there’s really one option: Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands & South Georgia.

    An epic 20-day exploration of the best of the bottom of the earth, below is just a taste of what makes this trip so special – for a more complete overview, go to take a look here.

  • Centenaries in Antarctica - great podcast from BBC Radio 4

    Inspiring stuff this week on BBC Radio 4’s Excess Baggage travel programme – Antarctica conversation about two centenary adventures to the South Pole. 

  • Expedition vs. Cruising to Antarctica

    This is our latest blog post from Brendan van Son:

  • Gentoo penguin, Antarctica - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Gentoo penguin, Antarctica, by Pauline Gibbs

    Trip of the week: Crossing the Circle
    Do you like what you see? Then why not have a look at our Crossing the Circle voyage. Travel further south than any other Peregrine expedition and cruise through regions of striking beauty and abundant wildlife.

  • Day Eight – How to Photograph Antarctica

    Antarctica is an absolute playground for photographers. It is filled with wildlife willing to get up close and personal, amazing icebergs, and a landscaped blended between sea and glacier-covered mountains.  Getting good shots in Antarctica is easy; getting great shots takes a little bit more talent.  This is a guide to shooting photography in Antarctica.  And if you’re interested in my photography on the Continent, feel free to check out my gallery.

    The Equipment

  • Day Six – The Wonder of the Seventh Continent

    Some people come to Antarctica to see the penguins, others come so that they can tell others that they’ve been to all seven continents, but no matter what their reasons for coming may have been, it is the sheer beauty of the experience that will have them talking about it for years. They call it the white continent, but it is so much more than that. It is raw and powerful, and it is guaranteed to grab your attention with its majestic beauty.

  • Day 4 – The Mystery of Deception Island

    Day Four of Brendan’s Antarctic Explorer trip took him to the stunning sunken caldera that is Deception Island. Here's his impressions...

  • Day 2 – Surviving the Drake Passage

    Our Antarctic blogger Brendan has arrived back from his journey to world’s end on our 10-night Antarctic Explorer trip. Here’s the second blog of his adventure. You can find his first on Brendan’s website...

  • Our Antarctic 'Big Five'

    Notching up sightings of the 'Big Five' is in the back of every African safari-goer’s mind. So, in the interests of fairness, below is our equivalent list for another wildlife wonderland – Antarctica. Whether you’re taking in the sub-Antarctic Islands, Antarctic Peninsula or to the Ross Sea, the marine and birdlife of this frigid world offer memorable moments among a mesmerising land- and seascape.

    Elephant Seal

  • Gauging travel experiences

    Our polar blogger Brendan van Son is currently somewhere south of the Antarctic Circle. Before he set sail from Ushuaia, he gave us the lowdown on some of his favourite travel experiences. Next week, keep an eye out for Brendan’s thoughts on his Antarctic adventure.

  • Brendan van Son and Peregrine Adventures Team Up

    Yes, I realize that off hand that title just seems confusing.  Who is Brendan van Son???   Well, here goes my best effort at a coherent answer.

  • Bizarre landscapes

    All our trips get among landscapes that fascinate and capture the imagination. Some destinations, however, are just that little bit special in their ability to offer up the unexpected, where natural elements, and sometimes the hand of man, have worked overtime to create something that captivates because of its otherness. One we’ve recently added to our trips is Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan, a mind-boggling open furnace in the middle of nowhere. Here’s Darvaza and a few of our other favourites.

  • New Polar Dates. Soak up the Silence and Light.

    Our new Antarctica and Arctic brochure will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, click here for a preview of dates for our incredible voyages of a lifetime.

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