• Antarctica and the South Seas - The photography of Nick Garbutt

    Professional photographer Nick Garbutt travelled with Peregrine to Antarctica last January on our Antarctica Peninsula, Falklands Islands and South Georgia expedition.


  • Bait Setting Capsule

    Graham Robertson will be travelling back to Uruguay in August to fit a bait setting device onto one of about 15 Uruguayan fishing vessels. The tests he and his team will be conducting are the final stage of a very long process. Graham hopes to be able to demonstrate two things; 1. That the device stops bi-catch of albatross and petrels from long line fishing, 2. That the use of the device does not interfere with the commercial success of the fishing operation of the boats it’s fitted to.

  • Woody’s highlights of the Antarctic 2009/10 season onboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov

    “Peregrine’s Akademik Sergey Vavilov had a fantastic Antarctic season of nine trips. Every trip had many special moments and all had the great and grand Antarctic scenery and wonderful abundant wildlife. All experienced the challenge of the Southern ocean and all had the opportunity to see the spectacle of albatross in their element.

  • Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Gets Underway

    Three years after Peregrine and WWF-Australia won an historic campaign to protect Macquarie Island from environmental devastation, the operational phase of a $24.6 million pest eradication plan is set to begin on the World Heritage-listed island, which is being severely damaged by rats and rabbits.

  • Kay Cornell - Upcoming Antarctic Exhibition

    Kay Cornell is a Sydney-based artist, who has been painting and drawing since the 1960’s and who travelled with Peregrine on the Antarctic Explorer voyage in February 2009.

  • Anna Fedoseeva - A Hidden Talent

    Anna Fedoseeva joined us onboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov in Antarctica this season in the dining room/hospitality team.

    Those of you who joined our Antarctic season opener with artists Brett Jarrett (who will be joining the Kapitan Khlebnikov in the Arctic 2010) and Neil Roberts may have seen how Anna took the opportunity to learn from our two guests. Later in the voyage we realised how talented Anna was when, after a little persuasion, she let us see one of her paintings.

  • Join Woody & Anne onboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov

    For the last few seasons the Akademik Sergey Vavilov has been home for Woody & Annie, however this coming Antarctic season they’re changing ships for the first half of the season and will be sailing onboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov.


  • Past client reunion evenings

    Remember the towering blue icebergs, glimmering mountains and amazing wildlife? Remember that incredible feeling of standing at the end of the earth? We invite you and a guest to relive it all and reunite for an evening with old friends, crew members and fellow passengers.

  • Last chance to see emperor penguins onboard Kapitan Khlebnikov

    If you dream of exploring an Antarctica few have seen, or will again, then the Weddell Sea and South Georgia departing 6 November 2010 expedition is for you.

  • Last Chance this Season to see the Emperor Penguins

    If you dream of exploring an Antarctica few have seen, or will again, then the Weddell Sea and South Georgia departing 6 November 2010 expedition is for you.

  • New Website – New Look, New Features

    We hope that you will enjoy the new look and feel of our website, we are certainly very proud of it and have tried to include as much stunning imagery and video footage as possible to inspire your travels. We have also added a number of features which will make finding your perfect Peregrine trip even easier! Look out for some helpful tips over the coming few editions of the e-news. Here are a few to start off with:

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