• Our visit from Mao's Last Dancer

    We were extremely privileged to have former ballet dancer Li Cunxin visit the Peregrine office yesterday.
    Li is the author of Mao's Last Dancer, the 2003 Australian Book of the Year, which describes his journey from Beijing to America and finally to Australia where he still lives today.

    Mao's Last Dancer begins in poverty-stricken Beijing, where more than 38 million people died of starvation between the years 1958 and 1961.

  • Why we love it: China

    This is our first in a series of blogs called "Why we love it". Each blog was written by a Peregrine staffer who has felt a special connection with that destination. Today's inspirational piece is about China.

  • A musical journey around the world

    Think Buenos Aires and the strains of the tango accompany the images; memories of Cuba come with a breathless dash of rumba music and separating the sounds of West Africa from its people is nigh on impossible.

    Music is the lifeblood of many countries, and catching a local performance is something that many people hope for during their travels.

  • How to write your own travel blog

    The word ‘blog’ originated from the term ‘web log’ and was initially taken up only by those web savvy enough or with the funds to dedicate to the idea. Today, however, it’s easy. You don’t need to know anything about source code or HTML and you don’t need a cent. If you have the time and the motivation to write about anything you can easily set up your own blog.

  • Xinjiang, Western China - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Xinjiang, Western China, by Jill Blunsom

    Trip of the week: China's Silk Road
    Do you like what you see? Then why not have a look at our China's Silk Road voyage. The journey of a lifetime on the legendary Silk Route, across the deserts of Western China.

  • Offbeat accommodation

    If you’re heading to the Yunnan province in China, a stay at one of Lijiang’s traditional Naxi houses is a good bet for old-world atmosphere – your front door opens out onto the narrow lanes, wending canals and flickering red lanterns of the old town. Immediately you feel part of the place, immersed rather than just passing through. We love our traditional, sometimes offbeat accommodation at Peregrine, and we think they add so much to any holiday. Here are a few of our favourites – we’d love to know yours.

  • The best mini-adventures on foot

    Leigh, our Social Media guru, recently made it to Machu Picchu after tackling the Inca Trail – a four-day trek through the lush, challenging Peruvian Andes. With fabulous views across varying scenery, high passes to test the legs and a stunning collection of Incan remains en route, it’s a trail that packs so much into its relatively short duration. So where else to trek if you’re short on time but long on adventure? Take a walk through our recommendations.

    Walking the Great Wall

  • Tibet – get the lowdown on the high plateau

  • Eagle Festival, Mongolia - Image of the Week

    Image of the week: Eagle Festival, Mongolia, by Jan Wigstein

    Trip of the week: Mongolian Eagle Festival Expedition

  • 10 fascinating giant panda facts

  • The Mighty Great Wall of China or Captivating Kamchatka?

  • Glorious Gastronomy of Japan

    Our  marketing production guru Lizzie Gosman headed off to Japan last year on our Japan Revealed tour. Share some of her gastronomic memories here, and learn what Japanese ice cream flavour became her new favourite...

  • Gauging travel experiences

    Our polar blogger Brendan van Son is currently somewhere south of the Antarctic Circle. Before he set sail from Ushuaia, he gave us the lowdown on some of his favourite travel experiences. Next week, keep an eye out for Brendan’s thoughts on his Antarctic adventure.

  • 5 things you might not know about TAJIKISTAN

  • The world’s best walking cities?

    More often than not, getting to grips with what makes a city tick is best done on foot. Whether it’s a museum ramble, exploration of cobblestoned old quarters, or idle paseo-style post-prandial perambulations, a walk is the best way of measuring up how a place exists on a human scale, how its inhabitants go about their daily lives, and of feeling the rhythm of the streets. Here are some of our favourite cities for a stroll. Head to our facebook page to chip in with others...

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