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Safety and security are top priorities at Peregrine. To ensure both, we draw on decades of experience and the up-to-date knowledge of our local offices. Water quality information, professional food preparation, hygiene, appropriate and effective emergency procedures and, when necessary, safety briefings are all crucial to us. Likewise, we only use safety equipment we know is reliable and trustworthy. We carry first aid kits on all our tours, and on high-altitude treks we always carry Portable Altitude Chambers in case of altitude sickness. All our treks are meticulously planned to ensure we trek on safe trails, walk for a sensible number of hours and allow for proper acclimatisation along the way. Every one of our tour leaders is trained in first aid and crisis management, and knows exactly what to do if something does go wrong. On a Peregrine tour, you can relax and focus on enjoying your adventure; you’re in good hands.

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