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For families seeking extraordinary moments with wildlife or wishing to dive into exotic cultures – welcome to a world of unique, spectacular family holidays. Our family trips explore some of the world's most exciting and culturally rich destinations, taking in great icons – from Egypt’s pyramids to spellbinding Angkor Wat, the Great Wall to Halong Bay – but also going beyond the big sights to get to the heart of a place. Peregrine trips offer opportunities for families to meet locals and experiencing other ways of life, whether it’s camping among nomads in Mongolia or tracking big game with Masai warriors.

Most of our family adventures are suitable for children aged six and above, and every itinerary is designed with children in mind, from making sure there are plenty of fantastic activities to practical concerns such as minimising the demands of travel and ensuring accommodation is comfortable. So whether it’s taking elephants for a wander on a South African safari or sleeping under Saharan stars, coming face-to-face with Egypt’s mummies or snorkelling with Galapagos sea lions, our trips have your next family adventure covered.

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