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Japan Revealed

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12 days PCJR

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Kyoto Tokyo
Japan Revealed

Japan, a country steeped in mythical traditions and modern wonders. This journey uncovers the highlights of this fascinating country. Like the history, the country is varied and diverse: from the ancient cities like Kyoto to one of the holiest mountains in Japan, Koya-San; from the historically relevant city of Hiroshima and on to the beautifully preserved village of Tsumago; countryside backdropped by mountains, lakes and waterfalls to the bustling futuristic city of Tokyo. This tour gradually reveals the rich variety of the country as we visit temples, castles, shrines and holy mountains while still mixing with locals and experiencing the real Japan as we spend nights in family run ryokans and a mountain-top shukubo temple lodging. Come on this magical journey and experience all that Japan has to offer.


Please note Himeji Castle is currently closed for restoration and is expected to be closed until May 2015.
For passengers who are travelling during this period (August 2014 - May 2015) we will replace this activity instead with a visit to Nijo castle in Kyoto.

Why we love it:

Japan Revealed

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1-3: Kyoto

Meals included: 2 breakfasts

Accommodation: Hotel Granvia Kyoto or similar, Kyoto


Day 4: Koya San

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Rengejoin, Koyasan, Koyasan


Day 5-6: Hiroshima

Meals included: 2 breakfasts

Accommodation: Hotel Granvia, Hiroshima


Day 7: Tsumago

Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 dinner

Accommodation: Hanaya Ryokan, , Tsumago, Tsumago


Day 8: Matsumoto

Meals included: 1 breakfast

Accommodation: Dormy Inn, Matsumoto, Matsumoto


Day 9-12: Tokyo

Meals included: 4 breakfasts

Accommodation: Hotel Niwa or similar, Tokyo


Your Trip

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What to know


Please note that a reasonable level of fitness is required for this trip. A lot of time is spent on foot exploring the cities/towns, you will also find yourself jumping on and off public transport when making your way in-between sites within a city. This is the most time efficient way to travel within a city in Japan. Should you have any concerns on the fitness level required on this trip please contact your travel agent.


Vaccinations may be required for this trip. Please talk to your doctor about the up-to-date information for this region.  We're travel experts, not doctors and defer to the medicos when it comes to inoculations.

Visas and Permits

Please ensure that you have all required visas for your trip – this is your responsibility. Rules and regulations governing the issuance of visas are constantly changing, and vary for different nationalities and you should check visa requirements with your travel agent or relevant consular authority well before travel.


Stays of up to six months are permitted for citizens of Austria, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Switzerland and the UK. Citizens of these countries will almost always be given a 90-day temporary visitor visa upon arrival, which can usually be extended for another 90 days at immigration bureaux inside Japan.

Citizens of the USA, Australia and New Zealand are granted 90-day temporary visitor visas, while stays of up to three months are permitted for citizens of Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and a number of other countries.


You are required to have travel insurance before heading off on a Peregrine trip. Insurance can be organised by your Peregrine representative or your travel agent.

Responsible Travel

Our Responsible Travel ethos is at the heart of everything we do, from getting the basics right like respecting local cultures and the environment, to initiating projects that make positive contributions to communities, to our staff’s fundraising efforts and offsetting our carbon emissions.
Please visit our Responsible Travel ( page for more information.

Customs and Culture

Our Pre Departure Information or Travel Dossier (provided upon booking a trip) provides tips on how you can show respect for the local customs and culture in the country you are travelling in. Your leader will also help steer you though the complexities of local cultural norms.

Pre Departure Information
The information listed above is a brief description of some things you may need to consider when booking a trip. Once a tour is booked you will be provided with a link to your Travel Dossier which will contain detailed Pre Departure information.

Further Reading


• The Roads to Sata: A 2000-mile Walk Through Japan by Alan Booth • Looking for the Lost: Journeys Through a Vanishing Japan by Alan Booth • Hitch-hiker's Guide to Japan by Will Ferguson • Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology by Steven D. Carter • One Man's Justice by Akira Yoshimura • The Making of Modern Japan by Marius B. Jansen • Fruits by Shoichi Aoki • Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden • Out by Natsuo Kirino • The temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima • Tokyo Rising – the City since the Great Earthquake by Edward Seidensticker • Unbeaten tracks in Japan by Isabella Bird • Lost Japan by Alex Kerr • Dogs and Demons by Alex Kerr • The Chrysanthemum and the Sword by Ruth Benedict

Important Information

Local Emergency Contacts

In the case of a genuine crisis or emergency, Peregrines local ground representative Venture can be reached on +81 (80) 3012 9269

Fitness and Local Transport

A reasonable level of fitness is required for this trip. A lot of time is spent on walking tours around a city or town so it is very important to have comfortable walking shoes (please see what to pack list). Given the reliable public transport in Japan your leader will take you on a bus/train to get between sites during the day. Please contact your travel agent should you have any concerns with regards to your fitness level on this trip.

Single Supplements

A Single Supplement is not available in the following locations: Hiroshima, Mount Koya San, Tsumago


A 7 day Standard/Ordinary Japan Rail Pass is included in the price of your trip. For those wishing to stay and travel longer in Japan, a Japan Rail Pass extension (total 14 or 21 days) is available. Peregrine offer the chance for passengers to extend their Japan Rail Pass however these Japan Rail Passes cannot be picked up or validated before your tour begins, they can only be extended post tour for another 14 days maximum. Please note the Japan Rail Pass for this trip is validated on Day 5. Japan Rail Passes are only valid for foreign tourists visiting Japan from abroad for sightseeing under the entry status of temporary visitor (tourist visa).


In order to make our travel on public transport easier, there are some days where we will forward our large luggage to our next destination and pack an overnight bag for that night’s stay. See the Itinerary for details.

Please note Himeji Castle is currently closed for restoration and is expected to be closed until May 2015.
For passengers who are travelling during this period (August 2014 - May 2015) we will replace this activity instead with a visit to Nijo castle in Kyoto.

About this Information

The information provided here is given in good faith and has been compiled with all reasonable care. However, things change and some of the information may become out of date. Please keep this in mind when you read it and check with us if you want to be sure about something. The document was correct at time of printing, but you can check online for the most up to date version.  If you have any queries, please contact your travel agent or our staff in Australia. We are here to help you!

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3 September 2014

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