12 days

Japan Sushi to Sake

Japan Sushi to Sake

The world's largest wooden structure of Todai-ji

The impenetrable Himeji castle

The spirit of Tokugawa, walk in the footsteps of Basho, Tsumago to Magome.

Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa's Toshogu Shrine

Shinto shrines

Okunoin Cemetery's stone-cut statues

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  • Japan, a country steeped in mythical traditions and modern wonders. This journey uncovers the highlights of this fascinating country. Like the history, the country is varied and diverse: from the ancient cities like Kyoto to one of the holiest mountains in Japan, Koya-San; from the historically relevant city of Hiroshima and on to the beautifully preserved village of Tsumago; countryside backdropped by mountains, lakes and waterfalls to the bustling futuristic city of Tokyo. This tour gradually reveals the rich variety of the country as we visit temples, castles, shrines and holy mountains while still mixing with locals and experiencing the real Japan as we spend nights in family run ryokans and a mountain-top shukubo temple lodging. Come on this magical journey and experience all that Japan has to offer.

    Why we love it

    • Japan, a country steeped in mythical traditions and modern wonders. This journey uncovers the highlights of this fascinating country.
    • Like the history, the country is varied and diverse: from the ancient cities like Kyoto to one of the holiest mountains in Japan, Koya-San.
    • This trip will take you from the historically relevant city of Hiroshima, to the beautifully preserved village of Tsumago, to the bustling futuristic city of Tokyo.
    • The rich variety of the country is unveiled as you visit temples, castles, shrines and holy mountains while mixing with locals and experiencing the real Japan through nights in family run ryokans.


    Day 1-3 - Tokyo

    • Konnichiwa! Welcome to Japan.
    • A pre-trip briefing will be held in the evening, to meet the other members of your group and discuss the trip itinerary.
    • Please check for a welcome notice on the Peregrine notice board, located near the hotel lifts, which will provide your tour leader's name and the exact time and location of the meeting.
    • Keep in mind that you will need to have your insurance details on hand at this meeting.
    • The first stop of your food adventure is Shinjuku's Memory Lane, a bustling street filled with busy restaurants and tiny bars. Gaining infamy as the black market drinking quarter in the 1940s, Memory Lane is now the best location to sample Tokyo’s beloved ‘fast food’. Yakitori is but one of the many exciting culinary options on offer here.
    • You will then visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building where you can enjoy stunning evening views across this eclectic and vibrant city from the observation deck.
    • You will awake early and travel to the famed Tsukiji Fish Market to watch the live auction that happens daily (except Sunday and national holidays) at 5.20am. If the auction is particularly busy, it may be closed to visitors. With over 400 varieties of seafood are available at the market, it is considered the biggest wholesale seafood market in the world.
    • To sate your appetite for the wonderful fresh fish you’ve been surrounded by all morning, you will sit down to a sushi breakfast in one of the restaurants near the market after the auction. This may be the freshest sushi you will ever eat!
    • While in the capital you will also have the opportunity to visit a sumo stable, where you can watch wrestlers in their morning practice. If the stables are closed to the public, a substitute activity will be arranged.
    • Learning the art of making Japan’s famed buckwheat soba noodles is the perfect way to work up an appetite for the soba lunch that will follow.
    • You will then spend the afternoon exploring Asakusa, an old part of Tokyo that has a street dedicated to shops supplying the local restaurant industry. It is aptly named Kappabashi-dori (or Kitchen Town). This is a great place to get your hands on obscure kitchen implements and sample some of Japan’s famed sweets.
    • You will finish the day with a free evening to explore. Choose to indulge at one of Japan’s better known fine dining establishments, or simply bunker down at a local izakaya.
    • If you are interested, your tour leader will be able to point you in the direction of one of Tokyo’s chic bars for a nightcap.
    Asakusa Sunroute Hotel or similar
    Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    Day 4-5 - Nikko

    • Nikko is one of Japan’s most sacred sites, with an abundance of important temples and shrines dotted through the area with a backdrop of revered and feared mountains – home of the gods and demons. This is the perfect contradiction to bustling Tokyo, a blissful escape into Japan of old.
    • You will visit Tosho-gu Shrine - an elaborate and intricate mausoleum known for its impressive woodcarvings and gold detailing, and you will also visit the final resting place of a Tokugawa shogun.
    • You will of course have the opportunity to sample some local, rural cuisine. No visit to Japan would be complete without sampling sake. A visit to a local sake brewery will fulfill this requirement. You will learn how sake is made, what food it is best paired with, regional differences and its historical significance. Of course you will be able to enjoy a taste as well. If the brewery is closed you will attend a brewery in Tokyo on day 3.
    • Soaking in a traditional onsen is also an option here.
    Nikko Station Classic Hotel or similar

    Day 6-7 - Mount Koya San

    • From Nikko you will head to Koya-san, the centre of Shingon Buddhism for over 1200 years, and home to more than 120 temples that are spread across the mountain peak.
    • Staying in a local Monastery offers a new and unique perspective, as well as expansive mountain views. Aside from the incredible Zen meditation here, you will have the opportunity to try some devotion food.
    • You will also visit a 1000 year-old cemetery here, as well as the largest rock garden in Japan.
    Rengejo Inn or similar

    Day 8-10 - Kyoto

    • A city of great diversity, Kyoto is part concrete jungle, part cultural hub. Once the nation’s capital, Kyoto enjoyed its golden age during the imperial court’s heyday between 794 and 1185. Kyoto is home to an abundance of historical sites, cultural landmarks and a rich traditional art and literature scene.
    • You will have the opportunity to learn more about the geisha culture of the city, as well as visiting one if the city’s 16,000 Buddhist temples.
    • Better still, you will visit the Nishiki market, where you can experience the local food culture first hand. You can try anything from mochi (rice cakes), fugu (puffer fish), and tsukemono (Japanese pickles) to raw oysters with cold beer here.
    • You will have the option to take part in a traditional tea ceremony (at additional cost).
    New Miyako Hotel or similar

    Day 11-12 - Osaka

    • From ancient Kyoto, you will head to bustling Osaka. A city known for its exceptional cuisine, sprawling shopping hubs, and heaving tiny restaurants and bars tucked into winding backstreets.
    • Takoyaki, are one of the many local specialties, along with deep fried kebabs and a vibrant after-dark scene – this is the perfect place to get your final fix of Japanese food.
    • With a myriad of shops, museums, and modern sights on offer, Osaka is a wonderful place to wander the streets and immerse yourself in modern Japanese culture. Kampai!
    Unizo Yodoyabashi Hotel or similar
  • What to Know

    What's Included

    • Peregrine tour leader
    • Local guides
    • Transport
    • Sightseeing and entrance fees

    Not Included

    • International flights
    • Departure taxes
    • Arrival and departure transfer
    • Visas
    • Insurance
    • Other meals
    • Drinks
    • Optional additional tours or activities during free time
    • Tips
    • Items of a personal nature
  • Map Itinerary

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