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The world's largest wooden structure of Todai-ji
Okunoin Cemetery's stone-cut statues
Miyajima island Ryokan stay
Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa's Toshogu Shrine
Shinto shrines
Ryoan-ji Zen garden
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Nara
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Kyoto
Nijo Castle - former home of the Tokugawa shoguns
The machiya and tsuboniwa of Kyoto
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    Japan Sushi to Sake - 12 days

    Becoming a sushi chef, or itamae, as they're known in Japan, is no mean feat. An apprentice must work for four to five years under the supervision of a...
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    Japan Revealed - 12 days

    Surrounded by thick forests and mountains, Koya-San is home to over 2000 shrines, temples, towers, stupas and other religious buildings. A couple of hours from...
    Countries visited: Japan
  • Why we love Japan

    • Stay overnight on Koya San, a sacred mountain for the Koyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. We stay in shukubo (temple accommodation) alongside Buddhist pilgrims. The lodging is simple yet peaceful and the vegetarian meals are amazingly tasty and beautifully presented
    • The experience at Koyasan captures what is, for us, the true essence of Japan. For a country which stands so much for pushing technology and mankind forward, the Japanese have an ability to step outside the frenzy of modern life and almost make time stand still
    • From the intricate and unchanging ceremonies of the shukubo to elaborately painted Kyoto geisha, from the sacred deer of Todai-ji to the quiet national obsession with Mt Fuji, this is a country that understands the beauty of simplicity and the peace in nature.

    Safety information

    Crime levels are low. It is generally safe to walk about at night and to travel on public transport, but you should maintain the same level of vigilance as you would at home and take sensible precautions. Reports of inappropriate touching or ‘chikan’ of female passengers on commuter trains are fairly common. The police advise that you shout at the perpetrator to attract attention and ask a fellow passenger to call the train staff. The Roppongi entertainment district of Tokyo is considered a higher risk area for crime. 
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