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Remote Irkeshtam Pass
Torugart Pass
The 'hot lake' of Issyk-Kul
Yurt stay at Son-Kul Lake
Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek
Bazaar bargaining in ancient Osh
Burana Tower of ancient Balasagun
Kochkorka homestay
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  • Why we love Kyrgyzstan

    • Not easy to pronounce, and not straightforward to get to, but persevere – Kyrgyzstan is central Asia’s forgotten gem
    • Travel may be rough and ready at times, but that’s part of the charm: you don’t come here because everyone else is doing it. 90 percent of the country is accounted for by gigantic mountains and their valleys, gorges and lakes
    • This is a place where nature has worked overtime to line up rugged peaks like the Kyrgyz Alatau range that simply beg to be explored, high altitude lakes such as idyllic Issyk-Kul that are warm enough for swimming, and serene meadows, perfect for that overnight yurt stay
    • Head to Kyrgyzstan as soon as you can – no country this blessed with beauty can stay secret for long.

    Safety information

    Demonstrations on political and socio-economic themes occur both in central Bishkek and in other parts of the country. You should avoid all demonstrations. Take care if you go out after dark. Keep large amounts of money hidden at all times and be wary of strangers offering help or being over-friendly. Be particularly aware of your surroundings when using currency exchange offices. There have been reports of thefts carried out by uniformed police officers and gangs. Avoid walking alone at night and don’t travel in unofficial taxis.

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