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UNESCO World Heritage-listed Red Square and the multi-coloured onion domes of St Basil’s Cathedral
The Hermitage and canals of the 'Venice of the North’ - UNESCO World Heritage-listed St Petersburg
Trekking in Far East Russia - the UNESCO World Heritage-listed volcanoes of Kamchatka
Gorely Volcano's caldera
The merged craters of Mutnovsky - the most beautiful volcanic phenomenon of Kamchatka
Voinovskye and Zhirovaya geothermal hot springs
The crescent moon beach and marine life of Zhirovaya Bay
Avacha volcano ascent (2748m)
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    Essential Russia - 8 days

    The intricate and incredible Faberge eggs were first created for Tsar Alexander III who wanted to give his wife an Easter egg in 1885. Not just any egg would...
    Countries visited: Russia
  • Why we love Russia

    • Russia’s great cities are liberally endowed with icons – the majestic onion domes of Moscow’s St Basil's Cathedral, St Petersburg’s extraordinary Hermitage Museum – but seeing them up close is even more startling than expected, the scale more immense, the colours bolder, the overall effect more ravishing
    • Few countries do grand like Russia – from chandeliered underground stations; to St Petersburg’s magnificent main drag, the sweeping Nevsky Prospekt; to the country’s endless steppe. Come and be bowled over!

    Safety information

    Most visits to Russia are trouble-free, but petty crime does happen in cities. Be alert to the possibility of mugging, pick pocketing and theft from vehicles or hotel rooms. Be wary of groups of women and children who beg.


    In St Petersburg there have been reports of street crime where tourists have been specifically targeted. These crimes are carried out by well-organised gangs. Be aware of pickpockets in the main tourist areas and around the main railway concourses. Bogus police officers have harassed and robbed tourists. If you are stopped always insist on seeing identification.

    Avoid openly carrying expensive items, or anything that might easily identify you as a tourist. Avoid walking about late at night alone. Incidents of violence in major cities are usually linked to criminal/business activities and are not usually directed against foreign visitors.
    If you are travelling by overnight train in a sleeping compartment, store valuables in the container under the bed or seat. Don’t leave your sleeping compartment unoccupied as some compartments only have a simple lock on the sliding door. On some trains there may be an additional security device, which can be attached to the fitted handle/lock unit. There may also be a steel switch at head-height on the door panel which, when pulled down, prevents the closed door from being slid open.
    Don’t agree to look after the luggage of a fellow traveller or allow it to be stored in your compartment.
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