Quick Facts

Region: North & Central Asia



Sunni Muslim


Tajik, Russian, Uzbek and about half a dozen Pamiri languages

Area (sq. km):
143,100 square meters


GMT +5 hours

When To Travel

Mid-latitude continental, hot summers, mild winters; semi-arid to polar conditions in the Pamir Mountains. Summer (June to September) – 40 degrees in northern, southern and central Tajikistan. Spring (March-May) – mild temperatures, but heavy snow in the mountains. Winter(Nov – Feb) -20 to -45 degrees

April, March, September + October

Useful Travel Facts




220 Volts – the plug is either two round pins or V shaped flat prongs.


Tajikistan food presents a blend of non-vegetarian dishes with clear Iranian influences and fruits and vegetables, especially in the summer. Like other Central Asian countries appetizers and soups, meat especially shashlyk and specially cooked rice – plov rice with meat shredding with many other garnishing) make up a typical Tajik meal. Some specific Tajik dishes are: Nahud Sambusa (chickpea samosas), Oshi siyo halav (herb soup) Tuhum Barak (egg filled ravioli coated with sesame oil) Chakka (curd mixed with herbs) Kurtob (bread yogurt, onion and coriander in a creamy sauce) Tea is the most common drink among the inhabitants of Tajikistan, although many restaurants also serve wine, beer and vodka.


We travel around Tajikistan in 4-wheel drive vehicles. Please expect to encounter extremely poor roads and prepare yourself for bumpy journeys.


Shops have fixed prices, but bargaining in bazaars is expected. Tipping runs counter to many people's Islamic sense of hospitality and may even cause offence. Therefore it is not usually expected in Tajikistan. Some restaurants make a 10% service charge, which is added to your final bill.



You will enter Tajikistan on a group visa and will apply for this when in Tashkent. Please make sure that you have up to 200 USD in cash for the visa fee, paid to your leader on Day 1 of the trip.

In order to obtain the documents requires for the group visa you will need to forward the following documents to your booking agent no later than 30 days prior to departure:

- Clear, colour passport scan

- Scan of 4 x passport photos (3x4 inch)

- Place of work with your work address and position (please indicate if you are retired)

- Home address

If you are visiting multiple countries on one trip, the same information and documents may be required for different visas. Please send through all the supporting documents and information for all your trip visas at the same time so that we can pass onto our local partners.

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Further Reading

• Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan by Kamoludin Abdullaev and Shahram Akbarzadeh

• Land Beyond the River: The Untold Story of Central Asia by Monica Whitlock

• Tajikistan: Disintegration or Reconciliation by Shirin Akiner

• Tajikistan: The Trials of Independence by Shirin Akiner, Mohammad-Reza Djalili and Frederic Grare

• Tajikistan and the High Pamirs by Robert Middleton, Huw Thomas and Markus Hauser