North Korea

Safety Information for North Korea

Crime levels are practically zero for tourists on a guided tour. However we strongly advise that under no circumstances whatsoever are you to say something that could be perceived as an insult to Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un, the Juche ideology, the Songun policy, the ruling Worker's Party of Korea, or the entire North Korean government in general, and the citizens. If you are in an area that forbids taking pictures, it is absolutely crucial that you respect those instructions. f you are a person of Korean descent, don't ever, ever tell anyone in the country that you are Korean, as you may be easily suspected as a person from South Korea, and as a result you are most likely to experience severely harsh punishments as well as being mistaken for entering illegally. Most, if not all, tour groups to the DPRK are asked to solemnly bow and lay flowers on one or two occasions in front of statues of Kim Il Sung when visiting monuments of national importance. If you're not prepared to do this, do not even try to enter North Korea.


Pay close attention to your personal security and, to the extent possible in the DPRK, monitor the Korean media for information about possible new safety or security risks.  The security situation on the Korean Peninsula could deteriorate with little warning.