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Terracotta Warriors of Xian
Kite flying in Tiananmen Square
The Forbidden City
Lijiang - former capital of the Naxi Kingdom
The Bai traditional minority tribe of Dali
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Giant Buddha at Leshan
Songzanlin Monastery - a place of homage for Tibetan Lamaism
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Buddhist murals of Mogao Caves
Chengdu's Giant Pandas and Sichuan cuisine
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    Peregrine Reserve
    From US $3640
    Peregrine Reserve

    Hidden Guilin - 4 days

    The China of old comes to life in the villages and along the waterways of Guilin, where tribal culture and atmospheric karst scenery are the perfect counter to...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $3295

    Icons of China - 14 days

    "Yangshuo is a beautiful town along the river with limestone karsts. But what makes it truly phenomenal is that the locals speak perfect English. Years...
    Countries visited: China, Hong Kong (China)
    From US $3060

    Panda-monium - 13 days

      The giant panda’s diet is 99% bamboo, and they can eat up to 20 kilograms of it every day. Despite having the digestive system of a carnivore,...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $3855

    Tibet - Roof of the World - 13 days

    Boudhanath Stupa has been an important place of pilgrimage and meditation since the middle of the 5th century. Caravans of salt traders, monks, nuns, lamas and...
    Countries visited: China, Nepal, Tibet
    From US $2070

    Yunnan Explorer - 10 days

    Before coming to an end in the East China Sea, the mighty Yangtze River must first pass through the world’s steepest and narrowest canyon – Tiger...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $2045

    China Highlights - 8 days

    “As we all know, the custom of drinking tea in China is very old. Drinking tea is not only a behavior, it’s a very social thing. You don’t...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $1465

    Walking the Great Wall - 8 days

    Legend has it that a dragon traced the course of China’s Great Wall, leaving behind a trail for the labourers to follow. Surrounded by as much...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $5015

    China Panorama - 23 days

    At over 2200 years old, there is still much to learn about Xian’s Terracotta Army. To date, around 1800 statues have been uncovered, but most of the...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $3395

    Yangtze & Beyond - 14 days

    The Yangtze River winds, ducks and climbs through the heart of China before coming to an end in the East China Sea, near Shanghai. At around 6,380 kilometres...
    Countries visited: China
    From US $2620

    Kyrgyzstan - Lakes of the Sky - 14 days

    At 500,000 lines, the Epic of Manas is one of the longest poems in the world. The 18th century epic tells the story of the migration of the Kyrgyz people under...
    Countries visited: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China
  • Why we love China

    • History and ritual run deep through this country, reaching back thousands of years in a way that those of us from younger cultures can only wonder
    • Stroll to just outside the city wall in Xian and enjoy an early Tai Chi lesson with the locals, who practice with the local master every morning. They are more than accepting of uncoordinated foreigners!
    • In Yangshuo there is a steep walk up a limestone karst known as the ‘TV Tower’. It is a good 45 minute walk but the views are brilliant and show the karsts stretching in all directions
    • The rooftop bar at Monkey Jane’s in Yangshuo also offers outstanding views… and well-priced beer.
    • China makes for some sensational eating experiences. Don’t miss the hotpot in the Muslim quarter in Xian, or the Peking Duck in any of the many duck restaurants in Beijing
    • The sight of the astoundingly huge Three Gorges Dam is implacably framed by the Three Gorges themselves, shrouded in mist, sheer cliffs plummeting into the water; directly lifted from some timeless Chinese watercolour

    Safety information

    China is a safe country to travel in and very few travellers will experience any safetly concerns. Serious crime against foreigners is relatively rare, but incidents do occur. Foreigners can be targeted for passports, laptops, mobile phones, purses and handbags. Major tourist sites and areas frequented by foreigners attract thieves and pickpockets. Take extra care at major tourist sites, street markets, Beijing International Airport, major international events and conferences and popular bar areas after dark.
    There are occasional incidents with taxi and pedicab drivers who insist the passenger misunderstood the fare. Avoid travelling in unmarked or unmetered ‘taxis’ and insist on paying only the meter fare. Ask the driver for a receipt (fapiao), on which the taxi number should be printed. You can take this to the police to lodge a complaint.
    Counterfeit bank notes (especially RMB100) are increasingly common. They are generally crumpled to avoid detection. Unscrupulous traders may try to switch your genuine bank notes for counterfeits. Check carefully before accepting notes. It is quite normal to do so.
    Beware of scams particularly in popular tourist areas. A regular example is the ‘tea tasting’ scam. Scams usually involve a foreign national being invited to visit a bar, shop or cafe – for example to practice English or meet a girl - but results in demands for an exorbitant fee, often payable by credit card. This can result in threats of violence or credit card fraud.
    Fire protection standards in Chinese accommodation are not always the same as at home. Check fire precautions including access to fire exits.
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