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    • Ride the Peak Tram, take the Star Ferry. Hong Kong’s iconic experiences more than live up to their fame, both offering you front row seats of Asia’s answer to Manhattan
    • After you’ve feasted on the grand views, it’s time to feast on the local cuisine – this is one of the world’s great eating destinations, with a walk around any downtown block revealing a welter of tempting restaurants, cafes and street stalls. Dive in!

    Safety information

    The level of violent crime is very low but pick pocketing and other street crime can occur. You should take extra care of passports, credit cards and money in crowded areas and when checking in and out of hotels. There have been some isolated incidents of robberies in Hong Kong’s Country Parks; these incidents have been reduced following a crime prevention operation by the Hong Kong Police. Nevertheless, if you intend to hike in Hong Kong’s Country Parks you should stick to marked trails and avoid carrying valuables.


    Hong Kong is a stable society underpinned by the rule of law. Demonstrations are becoming more frequent, but despite the substantial numbers, they have been conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner. You should take sensible precautions against petty crime if you are nearby.

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