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Peregrine Adventures - The Spirit of Adventure

For over 30 years we've been trying to fulfil our clients dreams, by helping them to explore and discover:


The Peregrine Story

The Peregrine Story Peregrine's first steps in the world of adventure were taken in Nepal in 1977. Our name comes from the word 'Peregrinate' which means to migrate, walk, or take a pilgrimage, very fitting for a trekking organisation. Since that time we've broadened our horizons and now offer adventures to over 60 countries worldwide. Treks, walks, safaris, journeys, expeditions and voyages, some which require physical as well as mental stamina, most are 'adventures' which can be enjoyed by anyone with an enquiring mind who enjoys getting off the beaten track, discovering and learning about their chosen destination. The Spirit of Adventure encapsulates the core of what we offer, quality, innovation, value and challenge encompassed within a framework of ecologically sound adventures. We offer an enormous range of different adventures, from easy walks to 6000 metre climbs, from the High Arctic in the North to Antarctic Peninsula in the South. Accommodation is also varied, mostly good quality and comfortable, occasionally very basic, always chosen to offer great value and to allow us to discover and explore the destination in question. 

Your guide, our leaders

In 1998 we changed the way we operate, we decided that the best people to show you a country were people from that country, their country! Our leaders speak the language, can read the menus, understand the day to day world around them, offer insights into the history and culture, and are passionate about their homeland. They can also help deal with local groups, ensuring we celebrate our differences with respect, understanding and mutual benefits. Providing possibilities for you to enjoy special moments is their secret. Our leaders bridge the gap between cultures helping you to get more from your chosen adventure holiday. This also means providing, rather than denying, employment opportunities for local tour leaders, many of whom have studied for many years to gain the necessary accreditation, speak many languages fluently and to whom this is a career, not just a way of life for a few years. We're now extremely proud of our team of excellent leaders (over 230 of them), and we know they do a fantastic job - our clients keep telling us.

Group size

When you join a Peregrine tour, you travel only with a small group. The maximum is just fifteen, which is small enough to avoid making a negative impact on the places you go and the people you meet, but large enough to have a good time with other travellers from around the globe. Even in the High Arctic and Antarctica where our maximum group size 110 we do all we can to offer choice which often causes the group size to drop to close to 15. Each day our groups are offered a variety of options: long walk, short walk, zodiac cruise, bird watching, and photography. In Antarctica we are members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) and we embrace all of their guidelines and take additional optional measures to ensure our impact is limited.

Your financial security

In Australia Peregrine is a member of The Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) (, to be a member a company must satisy a number of financial criteria, including capital and reserve levels, client travel accounts and working capital levels. The company currently satisfies these requirements and no additional funds are considered necessary to satisfy the TCF.