Quick Facts

Region: Europe



Estonian is the official language. Russian, Finnish, English and German is widely spoken and understood. 

Area (sq. km):
45,226 square meters


GMT +2 ( GMT +3 from 29 March to 26 Sept)

When To Travel

Useful Travel Facts


The international dialling code for Italy is +372. Telephone calls, especially international ones, can be expensive when made from a hotel. We suggest you check the price first. If you have a mobile phone it should be a relatively simple procedure to arrange ‘global roaming’ with your service provider, however charges are generally very high so be sure to check this option thoroughly.


The electricity supply is standard throughout Europe, at 220 volts, and appliances requiring 240 volts will all work normally. Most European countries use plugs with two round pins. A set of adaptor plugs is recommended.

Visa: Visas are currently not required for Australian, New Zealand, US, Canadian or UK/EU passport holders wishing to visit Estonia.
Some EU nationals may travel in Europe using only an identity card, however it is your responsibility to check with the relevant authorities if this applies to you.

Useful Words & Phrases


Excuse me / you’re welcome: pa-ZHAHL-ooh-stuh
Good afternoon: DOH-bri dyen
Good evening: DOH-bri VYEH-chir
Good morning: DOH-bra-yuh OO-tra
Goodbye: Das-fi-DA-nya
Help!: Na POH-mushch!
How much is this?: SKOL-ka STO-eet
No: Nyet
Thank you: Spuh-SEE-ba
Yes: Da

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