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The sacred rock of Acropolis
Meteora's ancient monasteries
UNESCO World Heritage-listed archaeological site of Delphi
Central Arcadia's Lousios Valley
UNESCO World Heritage-listed Mycenae
Santorini's wines
Santorini’s legendary caldera
Hania - ‘the jewel of Crete'
Agia Irini Gorge walk
The old-world charm and glamour of Mykonos
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    Classical Turkey & the Greek Islands - 21 days

    Istanbul’s Blue Mosque (aka Sultan Ahmed Mosque) provides a true glimpse into classical Turkey. Built between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed...
    Countries visited: Greece, Turkey
    From US $2070

    Highlights of Greece - 8 days

    To keep their gods happy, the ancient Greeks built elaborate temples to honour them. Popular gods like Apollo had many temples built in their name. He chose...
    Countries visited: Greece
    From US $3170

    Greek Island Odyssey - 12 days

    After a few days spent exploring the Greek Islands and its myriad ruins, coastlines and oceanscapes, nothing comes closer to perfection than watching the world...
    Countries visited: Greece
  • Why we love Greece

    • Few countries are so adept at seduction as Greece. Crete and Santorini mix lose-yourself old towns with stunning scenery – for proof, check out sunset over Santorini’s caldera or walk through Crete’s Agia Irini gorge
    • Elsewhere, the unique blend of landscape and man-made marvels reaches its peak in the monasteries of the Lousios Valley and Meteora, where the buildings sit impossibly atop soaring pinnacles.
    • In a country that glories in its myths, sights like Mycenae and Delphi are essential stuff, the latter perched on Mount Parnassos overlooking the Gulf of Corinth
    • And don’t forget the Acropolis – nobody who visits it ever does

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