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Spirit of Amalfi

Spirit of Amalfi

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Naples

Isle of Capri

Amalfi's 'Pathway of the Gods'

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  • Set on the shores of the sparkling Mediterranean, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe.

    Why we love it

    • On this enchanting walking adventure, we go beyond the crowds to experience the hidden treasures and authentic culture of this Italian paradise
    • Highlights include a hike along the stunning Sentiero degli Dei (Footpath of the Gods), the mysterious Valley of the Mills and the spectacular village of Positano
    • Included is a visit to Pompeii and a day trip to the Isle of Capri
    • We are also based for four magnificent days in the village that lends its name to this glorious coast – Amalfi
    • This region of Italy is also renowned for its food, which has a strong Neapolitan influence ranging from the humble but delicious pizza to seafood


    Day 1 - Naples

    • Your trip start will today with your arrival in Naples, capital of the region of Campania and a city proud of recent endeavours to gentrify and brighten its city sights to more accurately represent its rich past. In the 16th and 17th Centuries Naples was arguably a more important city in world affairs than Rome which was, in this period, in a state of decline.
    • Naples was under Spanish rule and much of her impressive architecture and grandiose monuments owe their construction to this period. Whilst at your discretion, we recommend arriving/departing by train where possible within Europe as this method of transport has minimal carbon emissions.
    • No activities are planned this afternoon so you may arrive at any time. Please make your own way to the joining hotel (details are in your travel documents) which is located in the historic centre of the city.
    • In the evening you will meet your tour leader and fellow travelling companions at a welcome meeting (this is usually at 6pm, but you will be advised as to the exact time and place in a notice, located near the reception at our hotel), where your leader will give you a briefing on what lies ahead on the tour.
    • This will be followed by dinner in a restaurant in town where you can savour some local specialties.
    Hotel Neapolis or similar

    Day 2 - Naples Walking Tour - Pompeii - Agerola

    • After a leisurely breakfast you will walk straight from the hotel into the old town. You will discover the wonderful historical centre of Naples, a major European cultural capital since the time of the Greeks, and also a very colourful and lively city.
    • You will have lunch in the historic precinct (perhaps a real Neapolitan pizza?) and then enjoy a short ride by local train to Pompeii – without question some of the world’s most fascinating and preeminent ruins. Due to its fine state of preservation the excavations give you an extraordinarily real image of daily life in a Roman city, with villas, temples, theatres and bustling markets.
    • You will walk along chariot-marked streets, where a bustling city once nestled complacently under the shadow of Vesuvius until the fatal eruption in 79AD. You will be captivated by the exceptional frescoes found throughout the city and by the opulence of the villas.
    • Visit the magnificent Amphitheatre and the ‘Villa of Mysteries’ with its frescoes depicting the secret rites of these ancient people. You will also visit the Roman Forum and basilica, temples, public baths, and the tiny Odeon created for music recitals.
    • What is less known to many is that the city centre of current day Pompeii is also a calm and attractive area. You will enjoy a short stroll and perhaps have a drink on the central square. (Approx walking time: 3 hours, 4 km)
    • Here your private minibus will pick you up for a scenic drive to the Agerola high plain, with marvelous views along the Amalfi Coast. A beautiful dinner in your comfortable hotel will make a good end to the day.
    Hotel Risorgimento or simlar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 3 - Punto Panoramico - Furore - Agerola

    • After breakfast you will embark on your first real day of walking. Most of the walk today is downhill and there is also the option to opt out for some sections of the walk should you choose.
    • From the hotel you will walk to the ‘Punto Panoramico’, perhaps the most scenic viewpoint on the whole Amalfi Coast. From here you will start to descend through a scenically spectacular landscape, affording you gorgeous views along the coastline, across to the Isle of Capri, and south to the densely forested and expansive Cilento National Park.
    • As you walk you will pass steeples of limestone rocks backdropped by the azure sea that stretches as far as the eye can see.
    • Today also offers an insight into the geology and agriculture of the area. Your path leads you through an archetypal Mediterranean landscape with peaceful vineyards, dignified chestnut trees and oak woods and pretty sections of shrubs and flowers.
    • As you continue you will spot many old ruins speckled on the hillsides. Throughout the seasons, but especially in spring, there is the most wonderful flowering of the local flora, and you can smell many of the aromatic herbs used in Italian cooking, which grow naturally here. Your path then leads you through the small village of Furore, and then descends to its so-called ‘fjord’, a large impressive chasm home to a picturesque hamlet and a tiny port with reflections of small fishing boats mirrored in its still waters.
    • From here you will climb back up again, towards the charming village of Conca dei Marini, a walk with unrivalled views. You will take the local bus back up to your welcoming hotel from this point (daring walkers may tempt the climb back up!).
    • Along the way there are various points that deserve a stop and a rest. (Approx walking time: 4 hours, 6 km)
    Hotel Risorgimento or simlar
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 4 - 'Pathway of the Gods' - Positano - Amalfi

    • From the hotel you will take the local bus for a short ride to the quiet mountain village of Bomerano. Here you can have a coffee before embarking on one of the most wonderful walks in all of Europe - following the fabulous Sentiero degli Dei (Footpath of the Gods) to Positano.
    • This path really lives up to its name, and reputation, as it winds its way through unique scenery with unrivalled views along the coast and out to the glistening sea.
    • You will walk through forests and fields of wildflowers, past ancient stone huts (until recently still used by shepherds) and beside sheer magnificent walls of granite. As you wander you will glimpse a world more yesteryear than modern day – local farmers tending their crops by hoe and elbow grease, herds of goats feeding beside the trail under the watchful eye of their shepherds, and teams of workmen coming and going from their daily works by the most appropriate form of transport on these ancient trails – mule!
    • By late morning you will reach Vallone di Grarelle, with its many caves and deepcoves, and continue to the hamlet of Nocelle, a picturesque village situated above Positano.
    • A walk through the village will take you on an old footpath that leads to what’s known as the Montepertuso Crossing - a deep gorge with striking limestone walls. From Montepertuso it's only a short walk down the old steps, through olive groves and vineyards, to Positano - one of the most charming villages on the coast and a popular haven for the ‘jetset'.
    • Whilst a very beautiful village, it's undoubtedly the setting of Positano that sets it apart as arguably the most beautiful, and now most fashionable, town on the Amalfi Coast, full of brightly painted houses whose facades are covered in bougainvillea. If ever there was a ‘picture-postcard’ town, this is it!
    • From Positano you will travel on to Amalfi by boat, which enables you to admire the impressive cliffs that you were walking over in the morning, from the sea. Here you will settle into a centrally located hotel in the very heart of Amalfi village. (Approx total walking time: 6 hours, 7 km)
    Hotel Centrale

    Day 5 - Atrani - Ravello - Amalfi

    • From Amalfi you will walk along a very scenic path to the beautiful little town of Atrani, from where you can enjoy great views looking back on the town centre.
    • Atrani is the best-preserved town on the Amalfi Coast, with narrow little streets and a serene town square. You will follow the Valley of the Dragon up to Ravello - another highlight of the Amalfi Coast. The French novelist, André Gide, once described this dominating town as being ‘closer to the sky than the seashore’.
    • For centuries, its lofty position and sunny, dry climate has made it an appealing place for writers, artists, musicians and travellers. Boccaccio, DH Lawrence and Richard Wagner are among the more notable guests who have succumbed to its charms.
    • While staying here, Wagner composed parts of his opera ‘Parsifal’. More recently, the author Gore Vidal derived inspiration from this charming town. Ravello also boasts two magnificent villas - the superb 11th Century Villa Rufolo which was once a papal residence and later, the home of Wagner, and Villa Cimbrone, a sumptuous 19th Century mansion with fabulous gardens and unequalled views over the Gulf of Salerno.
    • There is an option to visit the Villa Rufolo (entrance not included). From here you will take your time to retrace your steps along a rather steep mule track down again to the delightful coastal village of Atrani. Along the way you will be rewarded with sweeping panoramas as reward for your efforts.
    • You can stop in Atrani for a refreshing drink before walking back along the coast to your hotel in Amalfi. (Approx total walking time: 4 hours, 5.5 km)
    Hotel Centrale

    Day 6 - Isle of Capri - Amalfi

    • Today is dedicated to the rightly famous Isle of Capri - a place where Roman emperors used to come as tourists! Since Roman times it has remained a popular travel destination drawing visitors to its shores with its myriad of scenic attractions top of which is its own natural beauty.
    • You will sail from Amalfi to Capri by boat, following the beautiful coastline and passing the islands of the mythical sirens, mentioned in Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey. As you draw nearer it is inspiring to see Capri’s dramatic coastline in all its glory - mighty cliffs and shard-like rock formations cascading down into crashing blue seas.
    • Have your cameras to hand on this short cruise. In Capri you will not only see the popular sights, but also enjoy a beautiful circuit walk that takes you past a continuous stream of natural and cultural highlights.
    • On the splendidly scenic walk you will pass Villa Jovis (the ruins of the most impressive Roman villa on the island, once home to the Emperor Tiberius), view a historic monastery and explore the snaking and winding alleyways of the charming village of Capri.
    • Part of your walk follows untouched coastline and passes many impressive grottoes with time to dip your feet should you choose.
    • Your walk can be extended or shortened in many ways today based on the tastes of the group. Late in the afternoon you will travel by boat back to Amalfi together. (Approx total walking time: 4 hours, 3 km)
    Hotel Centrale

    Day 7 - Valle dei Mulini 'Valley of the Watermills' - Valle delle Ferriere - Amalfi

    • After breakfast today you will walk directly from your hotel to start a truly magical day of walking. Through the quiet back streets of Amalfi you will walk up to the charming village of Pontone, once a defensive stronghold for the Republic of Amalfi.
    • From here you will walk on the narrow ridge that was part of this medieval defence system and then beneath shady pine trees and through fields of wildflowers to a viewpoint where you can enjoy the stunning views afforded to you across to the Valle del Dragone (Valley of the Dragon) and the luxurious gardens and villas of Ravello before you.
    • A series of ups and downs will take you to the ruins of the watchtower next (Torre dello Zirro), known from the play ‘The Duchess of Malfi’.
    • Retracing your steps to pretty Pontone, you can enjoy a drink under the shade of lemon trees and gaze down upon the town of Amalfi itself.
    • You will then embark on your highlight experience, a walk down into the shaded Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Watermills). Here remnants of Europe’s most ancient paper mills, dating back to the 11th Century, lie strewn as ghostly ruins among thick foliage, fed by the waters of the valley's crystal clear streams.
    • You will be sure to enjoy this magical walk far from the maddening rush of mass tourism. You will pass locals collecting wild mushrooms on the side of the trail, give way to stoutly built men carrying half their own body weight in lemons atop their heads - destined to become the famous local liquor Limoncello- and more than likely be greeted by the friendly local herdsmen tending their animals.
    • The path takes you deep into the valley and the entrance of the nature reserve ‘Valle delle Ferriere’, one of the most interesting nature reserves of the area with lush vegetation and waterfalls, an ideal place for lunch.
    • From here it's a good hour back down to Amalfi, which you will enter by passing along the fascinating paper museum - the Museo della Carta. The rest of the day will be at leisure.
    • Enjoy the beach, do some shopping, or rent a canoe to paddle along the coast. Tonight you will gather for a special farewell dinner. (Approx total walking time: 4 hours, 3 km)
    Hotel Centrale
    Breakfast | Dinner

    Day 8 - Amalfi

    • Your journey will come to an end this morning after breakfast in Amalfi. From here it is easy to arrange onward connections. You may wish to board one of a number of ferries that sail from Amalfi to Salerno or Naples as an interesting method of departure. Alternatively there are local SITA buses that run to Sorrento, Salerno or Naples from where you can rendezvous with onward rail connections.
    • There is also a private coach that can be arranged locally (at an additional cost), depending upon the number of participants planning to travel back to any one destination. Your tour leader may be able to assist you with arranging any ongoing travel. Arrivederci!
  • What to Know

    What's Included

    • The services of Peregrine's expert English-speaking local tour leader
    • 4 nights staying in the heart of Amalfi
    • Walks along the Amalfi Coast including Sentiero degli Dei (Footpath of the Gods), Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Water Mills) and Valle delle Ferriere (Iron Mill Valley)
    • Visit to the world’s most pre-eminent ruins – Pompeii
    • Boat cruises to Isle of Capri, including entrance to Villa Jovis archaeological site, and from Positano to Amalfi
    • Entrance to Villa Cimbrone in Ravello
    • Four local cuisine dinners including a farewell dinner in Amalfi
    • Gratuities for essential services in tour package

    Not Included

    • International flights
    • Arrival and departure transfers
    • Departure taxes
    • Visas
    • Insurance
    • Meals not listed in itinerary
    • Drinks
    • Optional additional tours or activities during free time
    • Gratuities for tour leader
    • Items of a personal nature
  • Past Travellers' Ratings & Comments

    At the end of each trip, we ask our travellers to provide feedback. We publish the positive, negative and neutral feedback on this page to give you an overall idea of what to expect on this trip.

    Spirit of Amalfi

    Doreen - Australia, 12 May, 2013
    Overall Rating

    Spirit of Amalfi tour was fantastic. Our tour guide was excellent. SOme of the walks were quite difficult but the view was awesome. It is one of the better tours we have done. The Amalfi Coast is a spectacular place to visit.

    Spirit of Amalfi

    Andrea - Australia, 16 Jun, 2013
    Overall Rating

    Great tour overall!

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