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We're determined to explore new destinations, forge new ground, and help our travellers discover pieces of this beautiful world that few tourists have traversed. The likes of Algeria, North Korea, Mongolia and Iran offer such rare experiences for the adventurous, and that’s what we’re celebrating this month. We will also give you a unique insight into what goes into building an expeditionary Peregrine trip and uncover a number of unique details about some of the world's lesser known cultures over on our blog. Let's discover the world's next hot destinations together...


Expeditions in the Middle East

  • Expedition Algeria

    Expedition Algeria

    Countries visited: Algeria

    Algeria is a fascinating land of contrasts, from the hilly Mediterranean coastline to the desert towns on the edge of the Sahara. Read more...

  • Ancient Persia in Depth

    Ancient Persia in Depth

    Countries visited: Iran

    Iran is quite simply an extraordinary country, where visitors are welcomed with open arms by friendly people who have redefined the word ‘hospitality’. Read more...

Expeditions in Papua New Guinea

Expeditions in North and Central Asia

Expeditions in Nepal

Expeditions in West Africa

Polar Expeditions

  • Anatomy of a trip: Expedition Algeria

    Anatomy of a trip: Expedition Algeria

    by Oliver Pelling on 2 May 2014

    With travel more accessible now than it’s ever been, it’s getting harder and harder for travellers to find parts of the world that are both relatively untouched and safe to travel in...

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  • 11 lesser-known festivals of the world

     11 lesser-known festivals of the world

    by Eliza Gower on 1 May 2014

    Ritual lies at the heart of human social existence. It is an infinitely intriguing and perplexing aspect of human life, and one that has long informed and inspired anthropological thought...

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  • Travelling to Iran: the best decision you're yet...

    Travelling to Iran: the best decision you're yet...

    by Oliver Pelling on 24 January 2014

    Peregrine's resident Middle East expert, Pete Miers, eloquently explains why and how Iran is gradually becoming more and more of a drawcard for those travellers...

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