Almaty’s Zelyony Bazaar

Almaty’s prosperity and multi-ethnic heritage helps ensure a lively and cosmopolitan dining scene, but it would be disappointing to travel this far from home, to stray so far off the tourist map, and not be rewarded with a morsel or two of the curious and questionable. Thankfully Almaty’s Green Bazaar delivers, amarket that sprawls out from its covered heart to fill nearby side-streets and alleys. Spices, and a frenetic buzz, fill the air, while tempting pyramids of fruit and nuts from the country’s fertile plains provide the colour. The horse-heavy meat hall may be a no-go zone for many, but the upstairs cafes should be visited. A serving of manti– steamed spicy minced lamb and dough served with butter and sour cream – may not be the dieter’s meal of choice, but it works well, particularly when washed down with a cup of koumiss, fermented mare's milk, or, perhaps for the camel-lover, some shubat, the animal’s milk. Bottoms up! 

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