Amalfi's 'Pathway of the Gods'

The Amalfi Coast may be a summer euro-glamour playground, but it’s also home to some of Italy’s best walking, among the final hills and ridges of the Monti Lattari range before it plunges into the Tyrrhenian Sea. And nowhere’s better than the intimidatingly-named Pathway of the Gods, linking the coastal villages of Positano and Praiano via the mountain hamlet of Bomerano. This is coastal hiking at its most spectacular: start in the sky and work your way down, as paths twist up and down hills of terraced orange groves, and sheer granite cliffs below you plummet nearly a kilometre down to the sea. All too soon, Positano appears, a vertical village in peach and rose, clinging to the cliffs below you, its waters and terrazas waiting invitingly for weary legs.

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