Anjozorobe Forest's biodiversity

Wide eyes and striking markings make many of Anjozorobe Forest’s eleven lemur species look like intensely wired harlequins. Their inquisitive personalities and cunning antics do little to dispel the suggestion, and you’ll be rapt with their attentions the whole time you walk through the brilliant green jungle. Anjozorobe provides the lemurs with a spectacularly bio-diverse home and encountering them at close quarters is a distinct wildlife treat. They’re certainly easier to spot and engage with than the forest’s other famed resident, the chameleon. Though, if you do see a chameleon, you’ll be amazed by their poise, independently swivelling eyes and ability to blend in with namesake skill. The forest is a dreamscape for nature lovers, and with furred and fun local guides accompanying you along the way, one of Madagascar’s most dazzling wildlife experiences.

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