Antalya's theatre at Aspendos

On a spectacular stretch of Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast, Antalya’s roman harbour and tangle of old streets nestles in a postcard-pretty location, between the steep countenance of the Bey Mountains and the broad curve of the town’s beaches. From the busy narrow streets in the north, where old Ottoman houses have been converted into a shopper’s paradise, to the quiet residential backwaters further south, it’s the joy of accidental discovery that makes a wander around Antalya’s old town such a compulsively entertaining tour. Ancient roman remains mingle with abandoned mosques. Atmospherically crumbling homes line streets that bask in the late afternoon sun. An alleyway unexpectedly leads out onto the cliffs, and the sea moodily darkening in the dying sun. Forget the map, and discover Antalya’s centuries-old charm.

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