The Arctic Fox

The deep luxurious fur and innate wiles of the beautiful Arctic Fox aren’t its only evolutionary survival mechanisms: a countercurrent heat exchange in the circulation of its paws helps retain a stable core temperature, as does a good supply of body fat and a low surface area to volume ratio; the rounded body shape, short muzzle, legs, and thick ears means less heat can escape. Its heavily furred paws allow for a warm grip walking on ice, and keen hearing and sharp olfactory sense can exactly locate food under the snow. The animal pounces with a high arc and punches through the snow to catch prey, and its fur changes color with the seasons: winter brings a white to blend in with snow, summer a grey or brown. They’re a pleasure to watch wherever you see them in the Arctic, and they’re all over the circumpolar region, from the outskirts of Reykjavik to windswept open ice beyond Franz Josef Land.

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