Arles - Van Gogh’s second home

There are other great sights in Arles – not least one of the finest Roman arenas you’ll ever see – but the town is nowadays virtually synonymous with Van Gogh, a testament to his extraordinary creativity in those few short months in 1888 when he lived here with Gauguin. A walk around town transports you into the canvasses: a little north of town is the viewpoint from where Van Gogh painted Starry Night, while south of town stands the drawbridge Pont Langlois. Refuel at Cafe La Nuit in the Place, immortalised by the painter, before heading over to Place Lamartine, where the Yellow House once stood, Van Gogh drank, and where he also famously severed his ear. By the end of your time here, we defy you to not have contemplated picking up a sketchbook yourself. And the spell isn’t broken upon leaving Arles - poppy fields, cypresses and sunflowers fringe the town.

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