Ash Cone from Mt Meru's summit

Light splayed through clouds in golden filigree to illuminate the continent in resplendent hues; this is the view from Tanzania’s other great summit, the impressive volcanic cone of Mt Meru. To trek to the peak is to experience stunning vistas, excellent game sighting and the best platform for viewing the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro within the epic African landscape. Breathtaking views are common in Africa, but to enjoy sunrise from Mt Meru with the iconic old man mountain rising up from the plains is one rarely surpassed. Walking through myriad eco-zones you’ll traverse rich jungle, lush grasslands, alpine meadow, trickling streams and desolate scree, and standing on the knife-edge crater lip is as dramatic and awesome a trek as any other in Africa. There is plenty of wildlife too, perhaps the best game-viewing on any African climb, making the ascent of Mt Meru the full African adventure.

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