Asturias' coastal towns

The rugged, variegated coastline of the ‘Costa Verde’ is dotted with dramatic headlands, idyllic coves and serene villages. Cudillero’s old town is a knot of little streets, ripe for exploring, that lead out to the cobbled portside plaza, surrounded by a painter’s palette of pastel-coloured hanging houses that cling to the ring of cliffs around the town. Nearby Luarca is one of Northern Spain’s most beautiful towns, and is all the more charming for its modesty. Life goes quietly about its business here, a gentle bustle of fishing and relaxation amidst green hills and a snaking river. A pretty little beach, some fish tavernas looking out on to bobbing boats, and a clutch of atmospheric cider-houses that will introduce you to the theatrical experience of drinking the delicious, punchy Asturian cider. Perfect.

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