Austria by bike

Pedal power is the best way to appreciate Austria’s eastern lowlands. A ride gently unfolds the incredible natural and historical riches of the area: from Central Europe’s last remaining major wetlands, where kingfishers and kites hop and glide nearby, to a series of ancient battlefields, Romans to Turks to Napoleon, and on to the ancient Roman military camp Carnuntum. This is Europe’s heartland, the scenic fields and lulling meadows belying eastern Austria’s importance in shaping the continental map. And all the while the Danube at your side, the great timeless river a rolling companion, a soothing soundtrack.

Three countries in one day - start in eastern Austria, where the Danube’s fertile flood plains take you past the ancient sprawling remains of Roman military camp Carnuntum, then move into Slovakia. A coffee, a walk around Bratislava’s pristine old town, try counting the number of wonderful baroque spires and towers, then visit the castle. Some lunch, then back on the bike. Cut southeast, cycling forgotten country lanes amidst rolling fields of crops. A friendly wave from some farmers, some more quiet humming of the Blue Danube, and you’re in Hungary’s northwest before you know it. International cycling has never been more picturesque or relaxed.

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