The 'Bone' Church of Kutna Hora

To say Sedlec Ossuary is an acquired taste is an understatement. Located in the silver-rich town of Kutna Hora, a tour of the plain exterior of this Catholic church gives nothing away. But entering can be like stepping into a nightmare – you are greeted by a cavalcade of skeletons, the bones of 40,000 bodies, arranged ornamentally and adorning every corner of the church. The ‘bone church’ needs to be seen to be believed: an extraordinary danse macabre where a chandelier consists of every bone in the body, a grand coat of arms is made of skeletal remains, garlands of skullsdrape the vault, and even the monstrance is made of, yes you’ve guessed it, bones. If you’re taste runs a little to the morbid, well, welcome to heaven. Otherwise, this remains a fascinating, unique, if at times undoubtedly disturbing experience. Unforgettable, one way or the other.

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