If you don’t find at least one thing you love in Boquete, you’re just not trying hard enough. A town that rolls out among lush vegetation, bounded by forested hills and near volcanoes, Boquete has enough activities and sights to keep inexhaustible travellers occupied for some time. Like a hike? Pick a trail – they fan out in all directions from town, exploring nearby bird-rich forests, taking you past waterfalls and through coffee plantations. Want to get even closer to the beans? Take a tour of one of the coffee plantations, replete with tastings at antique fincas, and see why locals claim the Boquete brew is the world’s best. Nearby rushing rivers offer white-water rafting, while the local hot springs or fly-fishing await for those after more sedate watery pursuits. On foot or horseback, taking it easy or scaling mountains, base yourself in Boquete and you’ll get the most from Panama’s western highlands.

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