Chichicastenango native market

The K'iche' Maya and other Amerindian vendors and customers at the vibrant Chichicastenango Sunday Market trade amidst a veritable cacophony of colour, costume, smoke, smells and different languages, and you’ll unlikely question why ‘Chichi’ is considered the America’s most lively market. The market starts early with explosions of homemade crackers, their smoke mixing with local incense and food-stall scent. You can buy local handicrafts, flowers, pottery, masks, devotional trinkets, medicinal plants, candles, incense, grindstones, pigs, chickens and machetes, or delicious tropical juice and bean-filled tortillas at one of the comedores in the market’s central plaza. However it’s the technicolour garb the vendors wear and sell you’ll find most striking. For the initiated, a native costume’s pattern, colour and weave denotes the community of the wearer, but it’s likely you’ll be too dazzled to notice.

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