Circumnavigate the North Pole

Stepping down the gangway onto the pack ice at the geographic North Pole is momentous. Over the last few days you’ve travelled through an epic scape of ice floes and piercing polar light, and watched the awesome sight of your ice-breaker riding up and crashing though the ice. The pole is, at once, a real and imagined place, a GPSdetermined point of no distinct physicality. There is no marker as the ice is constantly shifting, but it still holds an elemental power. We plant a makeshift marker so you can walk around it in the world’s shortest circumnavigation, with all points of the globe now south, while standing ‘on top of the world.’ Your expedition here is totally unique. Season, weather and ice conditions make every journey through the Arctic different and each time is a grand step into the unknown. Even the most experienced of Arctic travellers are overawed by the experience and for many it is the most overwhelming trip of their life.

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