Colonial spa resort of Antsirabe

A rickshaw ride around the streets of the colonial spa resort of Antsirabe is the best way to explore its old world streets: in the shade and at a brisk walking roll. The rickshaws, strangely known by the French pousse pousee, or ‘push push’, rather than the ‘pull pull’ of reality, are ubiquitous here, and cheap; competition for custom is fierce and you’ll find one to take you around the city with ease. Perhaps roll past the old cathedral and colonial facades, and on to a French restaurant or one of the highly mineralised spas for a dip and relax. But remember to just use one pousse pousse per person; it might be possible to fit two people in one, and the locals will happily cart a couple of outsized westerners, but with such low fares it’s best to spread your custom and not break any backs.

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