Cruise the fjords of Nanortalik

The weft of topography and climate at Nanortalik make it one of the world’s most productive fjord factories, and to cruise past the towering inland peaks and the vertical walls of Tasermiut Fjord is to witness polar geography at its awesome best. The namesake moniker ‘place where the polar bears go’ no longer applies to the island just off the far south tip of Greenland, as the bears have long since been hunted north, but it is otherwise an astounding natural spectacle. One of the first locales settled upon by the Norse and Inuit, Nanortalik maintains small-scale fishing, crabbing and sealing activity, though a gold mine a little way inland is likely to supplant tourism as the main source for local income. However, it’s the intricate fjords that make it a scenic treat, rarely surpassed by that of other islands, and Nanortalik is likely to remain in memory long after you’ve left.

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