Ethiopia's old capital Gondar

To take a dip in the expansive bath of Emperor Fasilidas you’ll have to attend the annual blessing ceremony and Timkat celebrations when the baths are flooded with water. But otherwise just wander the surrounding castle ruins to immerse yourself in five-hundred-year-old African imperial opulence. The old ramparts and keeps of the former capital of Gondar are impressive enough and justly known as the ‘Camelot of Africa’. Exploring the stone castles, arches and walkways will bring to mind the great wealth and power of past African cultures and their importance in early global trade. But if you happen to be in Ethiopia on January 19, do not miss the Timkat festival. The celebration of the baptism of Christ is an overwhelming experience for travellers, as Christians from all across Africa descend to celebrate in a wildly colourful and joyous ceremony of the like you’ll never see again.

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