The Flamenco taverns of Granada

Flamenco: Andalucia's passion and romance, poetry and flamboyance expertly distilled into music and dance. It’s Spain at its most brazenly seductive, and Granada knows how to rejoice better than anywhere, with plenty of flamenco houses brimming with abandon, exuberance and expression. At times the music and movement is little more than a sultry whisper, then a cante chico bursts forth, bringing with it joyful, irrepressible life. Granada's flamenco is authentic: vital and raw, unmanufactured passion. Hear heels stamp down hard onto the ground, see the sweat as the performers give their all, feel the locals’ roar of approval at the finale. Duende, the Andalucians call that feeling of high emotion, of a soul expressed passionately and authentically. Granada has it in spades.

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