Hiking upriver from Tasilaq

Hiking up the river valley behind Tasilaq, a colourful community of steep-pitched roofs and grand fjord vistas on Greenland’s east coast, takes you into pristine mountain wilderness in minutes. Europeans first set foot here a little over a century ago, but the flavour of Tasilaq is still decidedly Inuit - indigenous legends weave their way through the local arts and handicrafts, and the traditions of the mostly Inuit population are extant well beyond  some song-and-dance for tourists. The landscape, though some of the most dynamic in the world and ever-changing in detail, is mostly the same in process and vibe - as it was a thousand years ago. The great icy mountains, spectacular fjord and open sea are much the same as the terrain and seas that have sustained the indigenous culture over generations, and, in breathing in the pellucid air and epic clefts and peaks, you’ll perhaps glimpse why the locals remain and maintain the old ways as much as they can.


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