Horseback trekking in the Andes

General San Martin’s 1817 crossing of the Andes is a mighty military achievement, one of the great feats in South America’s struggle for independence from the Spanish Crown. It’s in many a history book, and celebrated in verse and film, but getting on the trail is really the only way to appreciate the enormity of the undertaking, the scale of the challenge. But if, after a week’s riding, you still have your doubts, Sling Pass should convince you. At 4,300 metres up, you’re in the harsh, inhospitable heart of the Andes here, far from civilisation and with life stripped back to the core. The grand scenery is mesmerising, beautiful peaks encircling you, and the lower ‘hills’, deep red and tawny, are equally spectacular. One of the high points of any trip to Argentina, in more ways than one.

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