Kathmandu’s hidden old town

You’ll tackle plenty of tougher treks in Nepal, but none will be so colourful or humming with life. Kathmandu’s old town is a friendly little hubbub, the country’s bustling centre, but take your time – this is somewhere that rewards exploration, with tucked-away temples and hidden treasures lying in wait among the crowds. North of the city’s majestic heart, Durbar Square, is the place to go. A tour by the inquisitive around these parts discovers, amidst the rush and noise of the chowks, beautiful little temples, bedecked with marigolds, and ornate courtyards that invite photographs. And everywhere you walk, prayer wheels, colourful stall and incense add to the atmosphere. From beautiful wood carvings to hidden markets, stone reliefs to snake charmers, whether you’ve just arrived from overseas or returned from the splendid silence of the Himalayas, Kathmandu serves up an addictively intoxicating jolt of exotica.

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