Khwai River's big game

Get your camera ready. Extending from the Okavango River to Moremi Game Reserve, the Khwai is renowned for its impressive concentration of mammals. Head out on a day’s safari here and be prepared to tick off the Big Five in one fell swoop. Other treats include hippo pods and regular sightings of African wild dogs – keep a look out for a pack in pursuit of antelopes. The abundance and diversity of wildlife is at times astonishing – birdlife is especially prolific in this fertile region – but more than that, the animals seem to revel in the good life here. Happy wallowing and plenty of frolicking – it’s as if the animals know with their year-round water source that the Khwai is a great place to be, and it’s best to get busy enjoying it. And once the day’s spectacular safari drives are over and your back at the comfortable camp, the bush is still there. As the vast canopy of stars begin to glint overhead, listen out for the cries and roars of the African plains all around you. 

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