Ljubljana’s Old Town

Like Slovenia as a whole, its capital packs a whole load of treats into a very manageable size. A green, wooded hill topped with a castle is the city’s centerpiece, which says a lot about how pleasant whiling away time here can be – this is a city of beautiful buildings, close to nature. Sit at one of the plethora of pavement cafes that line the old town’s cobblestoned streets and look out on medieval buildings, with their rose and russet roofs, surrounding you. Or walk alongside the tree-lined Llubjanica River, keeping an eye open for nearby Alpine peaks coming into view.

Nighttime, and Slovenia’s capital’s leisurely pulse quickens a beat or two – Ljubljanahosts some of central Europe’s best nightlife, from romantic cafes to great nightclubs. An inviting oddity: a little northeast of the centre lies the free-spirited autonomous commune Metelkova, former army barracks taken over by squatters in the 1990s. This is the focal point for the alternative, with the country’s hippest venues hidden amidst the crumbling buildings and graffiti. Back in town, the riverside has a relaxed feel, drinks and food being lingered over at outdoor tables, while nearby designer bars and clubs get late and lively more often than not. Whatever you’re after, Ljubljana’s a city that’s got it in spades.

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