Mexico City

If you have a window seat flying in to Mexico City, you’ll be struck by the size of this enormous, high-altitude sprawl of concrete blocks, ancient hewn rock, modern steel and tarpaulin-clad shanties. Mexico City is home to over 20 million people, one of the oldest continuously habited regions in the world, and a wonderful cacophony of history, culture and humanity. Lose yourself in its labyrinthine neighbourhoods, interactive anthropology museum, gargantuan cemetery, free zoo, tiny shops, markets and any number of other attractions, and you’ll soon discover why Mexico City has captivated and inspired for centuries.

The famous grand central plaza, or Zocalo, is the wide open heart of Mexico City and the place best to begin your explorations of this diverse and sprawling metropolis. Side streets and main boulevards alike abound with little shops adjacent to grand churches and institutions, and the whole seething human mass of Mexico travels their length in a people-watcher’s dream delight. Following any of these hectic byways will invariable lead past buskers and street stalls and on to serene local neighbourhoods - old folk chat and school children play in the multitude of smaller plazas scattered across the city. A wander through them will give you a glimpse at the beauty and calm within Mexico’s hectic, heaving heart

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