The mummies of Qilakitsoq

A smallEskimo baby, clothed and extremely well preserved, lies atop a Down’s Syndrome boy and three similarly mummified women. The adults display signs of facial tattooing. Alongside lays another tomb of three other freeze-dried women, clothed in seal and reindeer skins in a manner reflecting a sense of fashion. The famous archaeological site of Qilakitsoq, on the Nuussuaq Peninsula in western Greenland, was discovered in 1972 by two brothers out hunting. This is an extraordinary find for the perfectly designed clothing alone, but the degree of preservation and placement speak volumes of the landscape and its indigenous culture. It is thought the baby was placed atop the others alive, as was the Eskimo custom when an infant’s mother died. Being fully immersed in the environment in which they lived lends to a greater understanding of these people and on-hand experts will tell you of their lives and traditions to your continued wonder at this special place.

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