The mysterious Plain of Jars

Learning the secrets of Laos may be somewhat stilled by the mysterious Plain of Jars, though you’re welcome to develop your own theory as to the purpose and origin of the thousands of archaic stone structures scattered across the Xiangkhouang plateau. Even the local Hmong people do not know the giant jars origins, but speculate away; consider how something of such size, built in such quantity and from rock not found anywhere else in the world, might have ended up scattered over a plain in the far north of landlocked Laos. Some say they’re ancient burial urns, enormous rice whisky vats, or water collectors for overland caravans from India, but with the truth long lost to time’s passage no one can now be sure. There is something otherworldly about the jars, indeed the whole remote place, and you’ll get the strong sense of being somewhere that few have been.

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