The one-legged rowers of Inle Lake

Take a Burmese-style gondola to the ‘floating’ gardens and markets of Inle Lake and you’ll be surprised to find the local Intha people rowing their boats with one leg. With dextrous sideways kicks they sweep their oars through the water while standing one-legged at the stern. A short venture from the Inle Lake resort will reveal a few other adaptive variants on the area’s serene Venetian vibe: entire villages exist on stilts above the lake, the residents shop by boat at large flotilla markets and the local produce is grown on floating gardens woven from dredged-up reed and silt. After touring the lake it might be worth taking your gondola a little further through this unusual and wonderfully picturesque part of Burma; The local monastery is famous for its strange colony of cats resident monks have trained to jump through hoops.  

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