Pokhara's lake and panoramic views

Some trekkers whistle past Pokhara en route to or from Annapurna. Big mistake. All the elements are in place for the ideal rest-stop: clear skies, glorious panoramas of Himalayan peaks glinting in the sun, and lively nightlife, all at an blessedly low altitude. And best of all, the town’s lake of deepest blue is a great place to relax. Jump on a boat and head out to the lake’s island for the ultimate photograph of the water reflecting the nearby lofty summits – Annapurna in double widescreen. Nearby lie other treats to explore: waterfalls and gorges, and several other lakes as well. But, if you’ve just had a tough week or two on the trail, there may be more pressing pleasures that Pokhara also caters for: an indulgent meal at one of the town’s fine restaurants, followed by a glass of ice cold Gorkha beer. Pokhara delivers on all fronts, whatever you’re after.

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