Prague drips with history – this is a place where the ‘New Town’ is home to buildings over 700 years old. The daddy of all historic sites is the castle. Calling it a ‘castle’ does it a disservice: this is a full-on medieval palace-village, a suite of magnificent buildings, and a place where one can while away days of exploration. What other castle have you toured that has a cathedral, a church, and a convent? Throw in a Royal Palace, museums, entire blocks of ancient homes, and lovely gardens, and you’ve got a sequence of buildings that arguably constitute Europe’s finest castle complex. Be sure to climb the gothic cathedral’s Great Tower, for superb views of the pinnacles and buttresses below you, the castle, and out to the city beyond.

Prague’s art nouveau masterpiece. The exterior of the Municipal House is a work of art equal to any you’ll find in the city’s galleries – frescoes adorn the walls, alongside intricate stained glass and gold trimmings. Don’t stop there though, the building is home to the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and catching a performance in the beautiful vaulted and frescoed Smetana Hall is a highlight of any visit to the Czech Republic.

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