Renjo La (5420m)

It feels somehow fitting – and a little humbling – that at the end of a day of scree-scrambling, testing your legs and challenging your resolve, culminating in magnificent views of Everest from Renjo La, that you end up Thami, the village where Tenzing Norgay grew up. The great Sherpa, who with Edmund Hillary conquered Everest in 1953, is one of many from the village who have conquered some of the great giants of the Himalayas. Thami sits in a remote, rugged section of the Everest range, off the main trekking route with a virtually untouched Sherpa culture. It’s a great place to rest and gaze back up to what you’ve just achieved: the Renjo pass may offer some of the region’s great views, but at an abrupt 5,420 metres, this is a demanding test for any trekker.

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