Ride into the Valle de los Patos

The path to the Valle de los Patos ventures through a parched, arid world, rocky and cracked as it ascends to a mighty 4,500 metres, your only company the occasional bird of prey wheeling overhead, and the enormous, deep blue Andean sky in which they fly. What greets you at the pass is astonishing: a verdant valley – improbably large, lush and idyllic – is laid out like a blanket of green and gold amongst the mountains. A river, alive with trout, meanders through the pastures, with steep multi-hued slopes surrounding the valley, and a parade of the Andes highest peaks forming a stunning backdrop. The Valle de los Patos is one of the Argentinian Andes’ great secrets, and one that only those who venture into the hills on horseback will be fortunate enough to discover.

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